BREAKING: Ted Cruz’s PR Guy Who Slanders Trump for Carson Lie is Founder of Shilling Company


A user from Reddit.com recently discovered a shocking revelation:

Dan Gabriel is the founder of Applied Memetics, LLC and also happens to be an ex-CIA counter terrorism officer. His company has been hired by the US Army in the past, and has ties to George Soros, although somewhat distant. It’s completely obvious at this point that Cruz’s campaign is using dirty, underhanded tricks to undermine Trump’s campaign. This is probably the start of a large online smear campaign funded by Cruz’s campaign.

Click here for an archived article about it. 

“Applied Memetics IP address also runs on same server as Hungarian NGO business type of company that just happens to have Soros and other shady characters on the board of members. There is also a ‘national security’ provider tied to US gov that uses same telephone number as applied memetics.”

The company specializes in SIGINT, online shilling, and what might be called propaganda. Gabriel was the one who pushed the angle that Carson was dropping out. After being caught the agent deleted the tweets and denied everything. However, other twitter users took a screenshot and saved his tweets and their exchange.

The tweet by Gabriel caught the attention of Trump supporters who accused him of running a smear campaign against Trump.

“DIRTY TRICKS! #Trump campaign started #Carson rumor?? Odd,” tweeted Gabriel.

A Twitter user then exposed Gabriel of his lie with a screenshot of Gabriel tweeting out Carson “dropping out” of the race.

“LIAR! You did it, then DELETED the tweet when a Trump supporter screen shot it. You vile piece of sh*t!” an angry twitter user fired back at Gabriel.

Another twitter user also blasted Gabriel for his blatant deception. “You are the liar! I’m the one that screen shot your account earlier. Sucks doesn’t it. I have the original.”

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