Donald Trump’s New York Leadership Team

On Wednesday evening, Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump announced his New York state campaign’s leadership team with just two weeks to go before the New York primary election.

“New York is my home and I am so proud to have been able to assemble such an incredible team. I have watched and known these people for so many years. They love New York and our country. Together we will Make America Great Again,” Trump stated.

According to a press release from the Trump campaign that came out one day after their loss in Wisconsin, the campaign’s leadership team in New York consists of “Republican Party leaders in all 27 Congressional Districts across the state. The committee — comprised of GOP elected leaders, Republican county chairmen and other key party officials — represents the most powerful presidential campaign organization in the state.”

Representative Chris Collins has already endorsed Trump and serves as an honorary co-chairman of his campaign in New York.

“Donald Trump will bring back American jobs stolen by China, take on our enemies and help our children and grandchildren achieve the American Dream,” Collins said. “If we want to deal with the grave issues threatening America’s future, New York Republicans must reject the professional politicians. The American people want a Chief Executive in the White House, not a Chief Politician.”

Carl P. Paladino, also an honorary co-chairman, led the campaign effort in New York for Trump.

“I’m very pleased that the courage and commitment our leadership team has shown for Donald Trump is bringing people to the Republican Party like no other candidate in a generation,” Paladino said.

Dutchess County Sheriff Adrian “Butch” Anderson has been friends with Trump for a long time. Anderson is lending a hand to Paladino and Collins in supporting Trump’s campaign in New York.

“I’ve known Donald Trump for a decade; I know his handshake is a solemn pledge. Here in Dutchess County, he has done great things, always keeping his word and delivering even more than he promises. What he has done for Dutchess, I know he can do for America, so I proudly stand with him as he works to Make America Great Again,” Anderson said.

April 19th is when the New York Republican primary election takes place.

Source: breitbart.com