George Soros and Other Liberal Donors to Mobilize Latino Voters

Liberal donors, such as billionaire George Soros, are funding a $15 million campaign to encourage Latino voters and other immigrant voter groups to vote for Democratic candidates in the general election in November. Soros’ plan is to use comments and policies made by Republican candidates, particularly Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump to facilitate his agenda.

Political strategists claim this campaign fund will be the largest effort ever that encourages immigrant voters to vote Democrat. The majority of the $15 million will go to organizations in Nevada, Florida, Colorado and other states that have many Asian and Latino immigrants. This campaign will help Democrats maintain control of the White House, and also give them a chance to retake control of the Senate as well.

The Super PAC named “Immigrant Voters Win PAC” is coordinating this effort and it will be much more partisan and political than it has ever been before. They are trying to find a minimum of 400,000 new voters to vote Democrat in November.

“This is really taking the gloves off,” Cristóbal Alex said, who is the president of the Latino Victory Project. This is one of many Hispanic organizations helping the Super PAC. Alex said that Trump called us thieves and rapists on the very first day he attacked us. “We could have a giant wall built and millions of families broken apart. The country is on the precipice,” Alex added.

Trump has made comments on illegal immigration and that many of them bring crime and corruption to the United States which is a known fact. What’s interesting is that Mexico is known for having a stronger immigration policy than the United States. More than 70% of Central Americans migrants crossing Mexico’s border have been deported and the deportation is expected to increase. The double standard is real.

This effort has been made in response to the increasing number of Republican voters who seem to be casting ballots of Republican candidates, like Trump. Many previous Democrats and independents have even switched to Republican just to vote for Trump. There are also other Democratic voters not participating in the primary between Senator Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Some Latinos are disappointed in President Obama for deporting over two million people. This is something that Democrats are confronting when it comes to Latino voters. As for conservatives, they’re already investing greatly into having Hispanic voters who are leaning to the right to come out and vote for them.

The Koch brothers financed a group called the “Libre Initiative,” which is likely going to spend over $10 million throughout the election season. There are currently dozens of organizers working for them in nine states.

Soros is contributing $5 million to the Immigrant Voters Win PAC. In 2004, he helped organize a $200 million campaign in an effort to try and unseat President George W. Bush. It is predicted that in this election cycle he will end up spending over $13 million to try and get a Democrat into the White House. He’s already committed an additional $5 million to a legal campaign led by Democrats that fights against restrictive voting laws in North Carolina, Wisconsin, Ohio and other states where this is a problem.

“The intense anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric that has been fueled by the Republican primary is deeply offensive,” Soros said. “It is harmful to our democracy and to our national interests. There should be consequences for the outrageous statements and proposals that we’ve regularly heard.”

Soros, however, does not address the the distinction between legal immigration and illegal immigration. Many Republican candidates do not favor illegal immigration and welcome legal immigration. In addition, the dangerous ideological climate in the Middle East and the ongoing disastrous Muslim migrant crisis in Europe is not addressed properly.

Instead of new organizations being started, this effort is trying to give assistance and money to existing organizations in immigrant communities. A liberal organization called the Center for Community Change Action will create a national field program that will have groups of people knocking on doors, sending out mailers and calling voters on the phone. Organizers plan to start this effort in May and their objective is to reach at least 728,000 voters, mostly Asians and Latinos, who reside in Florida, Nevada and Colorado. There are enough Latino voters in these states to change the course of a presidential race. Obama won these three states back in 2008 and 2012. Republicans won the governor and Senate seats at this same time.

source: nytimes.com