Why Is The FBI Taking So Long To Investigate Clinton?

Many people feel like FBI Director James Comey isn’t moving fast enough in the investigation into the private email server that Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton used while she was Secretary of State. This is the case where Clinton allegedly mishandled classified information by exchanging it through her private email account.

“The urgency is to do it well and promptly. And ‘well’ comes first,” Comey said on Monday to local law enforcement agents in Buffalo, according to a report by the Niagara Gazette.

But the definition of “well” and “promptly” was not explained by Comey.

This FBI investigation has been going on since last year and has tried to determine if Clinton recklessly and intentionally exchanged classified information through this private email server in a way that jeopardized national security.

“Yes, there surely is a professional, ethical, and moral obligation of the Feds to finish the investigation ASAP rather than leave a cloud hanging over the electoral process,” criminal defense lawyer Harvey Silverglate noted. The troubling thing is “we don’t even know who is ignoring his/her ethical obligations, since we have not been informed, to my knowledge at least, who is in charge of the investigation.” He asks if it is Attorney General Loretta Lynch or a designee.

Since there is a presidential election going on, Democrats are anxious to close this investigation soon. Even Clinton’s biggest supporters are wondering if she’ll be indicted. That is why it is unfair to the country if this investigation continues on past the Democratic convention this summer and into the fall when there is a general election that will likely involve Hillary Clinton.

Clinton’s email scandal has been her biggest challenge during her campaign so far. Polls have shown that voters do not think she is trustworthy, which is likely because of this email issue. Even if the FBI closes the investigation and she is not indicted, the impact this case will have on her reputation will stick with her for years because people will question whether she has good judgment or not. Clinton acknowledged that she made a mistake over the private email server, but is that apology good enough?

If Clinton is not indicted then Republicans will say the Democrats are protecting her. If she is indicted then the Democrats will blame the Republicans for trying to persecute her.

In Clinton’s Sunday interview on the NBC show “Meet the Press,” she was asked if the FBI has contacted her requesting an interview.

“No, no, they haven’t.” She replied, “Back in August, we made clear that I’m happy to answer any questions that anybody might have. And I stand by that.”

According to media reports, it is finally getting to the point where the FBI wants to interview Clinton as well as her aides.

Source: bostonglobe.com